Canada 1788.  Families, loyal to King George III, were fleeing for their lives from America.  Rather than betray their king, they were ready to face the greatest dangers.  Their fellow countrymen, wanting to rule without a king, hated them bitterly and killed where they had the chance.

  Cynthia Elizabeth and her family had had their home seized.  Their money had gone, and their guns and tools were almost all that was left of their possessions.  Wherever they went there was danger.  Their enemies might pursue them tirelessly and finally catch up with them.  Ahead was the threat of Indians, for they were venturing into unknown country - a region of forests, mountains and lakes.  The tracks before them were uncharted.

  Their life was hard and backbreaking, many of the things they had feared became real, but the courage of the little family and their friends never failed.  And with the help and friendship of a remarkable Indian chief, Joseph Brant, they finally found peaceful days again.


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