Grand River Branch Photo Archives 

As we browse through our files and scrapbooks, Grand River Branch celebrates thirty years of fond memories and accomplishments.   We'd like to share some of these memories with you here in the Photo Archive Section of our website.


Divided into two sections, the more contemporary digital photo section contains images from July 2008 and forward.   Earlier scanned images may accessed from the Archive Books below.


Newspaper items, memorabilia, photos and articles all remind us of how we've grown as a Branch... as we look forward to the future.

  Digital Photo Section   -   July 2008  -->

  Archive Book One       -    1973   to  1980

Page  1  : The Grand River Branch's beginnings, from the Loyalist Gazette - Spring 1973 and Fall 1973;  Article from the Brantford Expositor - "Grand River Branch of UELs Chartered During Ceremony Here"

Page  2  : First picnic agenda

Page  3  : New Loyalist group : Ruth Gould, President

Page  4  : Molly Brant : "The Daughter of a Mohawk Chief became a United Empire Loyalist"

Page  5  : UEL Convention - 1976, Backus Conservation Area - 1978

  Archive Book Two      -    1980   to  1990

Page  1  : Jordan Loyalist Museum / Flag waving

Page  2  : UELA 1982 Convention - Waterloo ; Banquet Brochure

Page  3  : UELA 1982 Convention ; Activities Brochure

Page  4  : UELA 1982 pictures

Page  5  : A visit to the Blue Church in Augusta


Page  6  : Queen to dedicate HM Royal Chapel of the Mohawks

Page  7  : Queen Visits Brantford

Page  8  : Loyalists Celebrate 200 years

Page  9  : Chiefswood, Book reviewing, 1987 Volunteer Service Awards

Page 10 : A Loyal home: The Vanderlip-Marcy House in Niagara-on-the-Lake

  Archive Book Three   -    1990   to  2000

Page  1   : Backus Conservation Area, Branch Book Display, Owen Sound / Billy Bishop Museum, New Grand River Branch book

Page  2   : Young Memorial unveiling - September 12, 1998

Page  3   : Simcoe UEL Day, Frederick Reeves on Christmas

Page  4   : Guides and Grand River at Backus, New Executive at Ayr, Simcoe UEL day, 25th Anniversary meeting

Page  5   : Mrs. John Graves Simcoe's sketch of Mohawk Village, HM Royal Chapel of the Mohawks transferred to the Six Nations

Page  6   : Her Majesty's Royal Chapel of the Mohawks - Exterior and Interior sketches


  Archive Book Four   -    2000   to  2008

Page  1   : Heritage Day - Kitchener, Four generations of Grand River UEL family

Page  2   : Certificates for Daniel Secord descendants, Bill Terry UE unveils monument in New Jersey, activities in Waterloo, picnic at Apps Mill, UEL 'Antiques Road Show'

Page  3   : Grand River Branch visits Dunnville

Page  4   : Grand River Branch at the Eva Brook Donly Museum in Simcoe

Page  5   : Re-enactment at Backus Heritage Conservation Area

Page  6   : Lieutenant-Governor Onley surprises wife with UE Certificate