Education / Outreach Report 2003
Doris Ann Lemon, U.E. - Chairman
With a heartfelt Thank You to all members who volunteered participation this year!

   The goals of the Education / Outreach Committee are to raise the visibility of the association, promote and preserve and celebrate Loyalist and Canadian history, provide speakers and, hopefully, increase membership.  Grand River Branch has a band of loyal and dedicated volunteers who achieve these goals.  As the vision, scope and service of our outreach expands, more volunteers are required to meet the demand and we invite YOU, nay urge you to participate in these rewarding education / outreach activities.

   The highlights of 2003, of course, was, Loyalist Tribute held June 21st at Vittoria which celebrated Loyalists in the Long Point Settlement and ALL Loyalists.  Press coverage was excellent in the Simcoe Reformer, Brantford Expositor, Haldimand and Tillsonburg Press and on CBC.  It was a fair of Loyalist artifacts and genealogies with 24 family displays.  Other groups hosted displays; Norfolk Historical Society; Norfolk Genealogical Society; Long Point Settlers; Project 2014 with items with Loyalist designs for sale (perfect for Christmas gifts!) and UELA Loyalist Burial Sites [Note: If you have not submitted yours - do so now].

   Town Crier Bruce Bedell UE, London Branch, called the meeting and Piper Bruce Murray paraded the dignitaries to their seats: Mayor Rita Kalmbach; MP Bob Speller; MPP Toby Barrett UE; and Dominion President Myrna Fox, UE.  Grand River President, Rev. John Cruickshank UE welcomed guests and Laurie Branch was Master of Ceremonies.  Sgt Major David Moore UE was an inspiring speaker with "Why Be A Loyalist" and gave reasons for loyalty then - and now - and challenged us to be good citizens.  Charlene Thompson hosted the refreshment table which had been generously supplied by members.  Our Young Loyalists, Culver LeClerc UE read excerpts from Sarah's Diary [written by her grandmother, Doris Wilson UE] and was joined by Amy McCarey UE and April McCarey UE for a demonstration in quill pen writing.  The draw for a Loyalist doll was won by member Melba Merritt UE.

   The good news?  The good news is $ 1,018.00 was raised for Project 2014 and has been turned over to Dominion UELA.  This fund was created for a 'special project' to celebrate the bicentennial of the Association.  We have 12 years to raise the funds and if all Branches participate we should accomplish something spectacular!  Bill Terry UE has catalogue and prices and some items on display.

   Tribute posters, which were obtained with proceeds from a grant, are available from Bill Terry for $ 2.00 each, plus postage.  The Branch expresses appreciation to the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Recreation for a Project Grant of $ 4,500 which made Tribute possible and successful.

Loyalist day Celebration - June 19th, 11:00 am - Governor Simcoe Square - Simcoe Town Hall

   President John Cruickshank UE welcomed guests and costumed members and led a prayer tribute to Loyalist and pioneer ancestors and raised the Loyalist flag in front of Town Hall.  Doris Lemon UE gave a short history of Loyalists in the Long Point SettlementYoung Loyalist Culver LeClerc UE read from Sarah's DiaryMarilyn Haslinger UE hosted cake and punch refreshments for Town Hall staff and visitors.  Bill Terry UE arranged a splendid Branch display in the nearby Simcoe Public Library.  He and John Cruickshank presented the Loyalist flag to Norfolk County Council who proclaimed Loyalist week and then they presented a new flag to Norfolk Historical Society to fly in front of Eva Brook Donly Museum.  It is a special pleasure to see this bright new flag flying in front of one of the best Loyalist Libraries situated in the heart of a Loyalist settlement.

   Branch Displays were presented at Heritage Day in Kitchener, Port Maitland Festival of History, and Caledonia's Heritage Days.  Members who staffed our booth:  Fred Blayney UE;  Marilyn Branch UE;  Marilyn Haslinger UE;  Doris Lemon UE;  Bob McCarey UE;  Marilyn McDonald UE;  Kathleen Pasnyk UE;  Jim Sweet UE;  Carol Terry UE;  Bill Terry UE;  Catherine Thompson UE;  and Doris Wilson UE.

   The Branch also transported its display and reference library to Lyndock, Port Ryerse, Burford, Simcoe, Woodstock, Paris and Brantford.  We appreciate the dedication of Jim Sweet UE, Branch Librarian.  Jim also maintains our website: .  Please visit our site.  Thank you, Jim!

Speaking Out

   Elgin Branch, Ontario Historical Society - Bill Terry UE.  Kitchener Sorority Club, Brant Women's Probus Club, Brantford and two Genealogy / History 108 classes, University of Waterloo - Doris Lemon UE.  Mount Hope Historical Society - Marilyn Branch UE and Young Loyalist, Culver LeClerc UE.

School Presentations - Grade 7 History Classes and some Grade 3 Pioneer Studies

   The presentation which the Branch offers at schools may consist of: coloured transparencies of Loyalist pictures; passing around a boy and a girl doll dressed in Loyalist costume so students may see how children of their age dressed; discussing games children played at the time; a reading from Sarah's Diary with instructions to the students to write, with quill pens and washable ink, a letter to their grandmother describing their experience in the revolution - or settlement in Canada; and a presentation of a colour print of first Parliament in Upper Canada held by Lt. Gov. John Graves Simcoe in 1792.  It is anticipated we will soon have a map of Norfolk with all the Loyalists' lots identified at which time we will add drawing for lots from a tricorn hat and identifying a Loyalists' name and the land upon which he settled.

  If the teacher has not received a copy of the education book the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada prepared and was promised would be delivered by the Board of Education to every Grade Seven Class in Ontario, a copy will be presented.  It is our experience that not one teacher received a copy. One wonders, where are they?  The following classroom presentations were given in costume:

  • Bracebridge
Three Grade 7s - Doris Lemon UE
  • Woodstock
Doris Lemon was joined by Ellen Tree UE and Bob McCarey UE
  • Simcoe
Four Grade 7s - Marilyn Branch UE, Culver LeClerc UE, Marilyn Haslinger UE, Bob McCarey UE, Doris Wilson UE, Doris Lemon UE
  • Caledonia schools
Young Loyalist Culver LeClerc UE gave costumed readings

We require your assistance:

1 :  To enquire of local Grade Seven Teacher if he/she received a copy;
2 :  If he/she did not, would you deliver one?
3 :  To enquire of Grade Seven Teacher would like a classroom Loyalist presentation; and
4 :  Would you like to become a 'presenter'?  Or arrange a visit by the Committee?

Map of Norfolk - Loyalists in The Long Point Settlement and Lots Where They Settled

   If you have not submitted your Loyalist's lot number, please do so.  All Loyalists and Sons and Daughters are being recorded with a yellow sticker on the map of Norfolk.  Burford and Wingham are included as they were part of Norfolk in the early formation years.  Please send name and lot number to Doris Lemon.

Flint & Feather

   The new book on The Life and Times of E. Pauline Johnson, Tekahionwake by Charlotte Gray was introduced by the author at Chiefswood, Pauline's girlhood home.  Branch members Marilyn McDonald UE and Doris Marcellus UE attended and were well pleased.

Respectfully Submitted,

Doris Ann Lemon UE

Chairman, Education / Outreach Committee

  ' Flint and Feather : The Life and Time of E. Pauline Johnson Tekahionwake '   by   Charlotte Gray

Education / Outreach Donations

  Grand River Branch continued its support to the following :
  • Loyalist Library as part of the Norfolk Historical Society's collection at Eva Brook Donly Museum - $ 350.00
  • UELAC Bernice Wood Flett Scholarship Fund - $ 250.00
  • UELAC Project 2014 to celebrate, in a meaningful way, our bicentennial in 2014 - $250.00

  When closing out your books for the end of 2003, please consider a donation to these worthwhile ongoing projects - and /or - UELAC Endowment Fund and remember them in your will.