United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada


Today's Association is open to all those interested and supportive of Loyalist history and heritage.

To gain UE Status, in addition to membership, proof must be submitted and reviewed to ensure the following conditions are met:

      Either male or female, as of 19 April 1775, a resident of the American colonies, and joined the Royal Standard prior to the Treaty of Separation of 1783, or otherwise demonstrated loyalty to the Crown, and settled in territory remaining under the rule of the Crown; or

       A soldier who served in an American Loyalist Regiment and was disbanded in Canada; or

       A member of the Six Nations of either the Grand River or the Bay of Quinte Reserve who is descended from one whose migration was similar to that of other Loyalists.

Membership confers no special status in Canadian society, but many members use the post-nominal letters "UE" after their name, in consequence of Lord Dorchester's Order in Council in 1789, conferring recognition of the service of the Loyalists in defense of "The Unity of Empire."

Members of the Association must be a member of a branch and there are branches of the Association in every province of Canada, except Newfoundland. While many join a branch which is local, there is no rule as to which branch a member must belong.

To join the Association as a
Member, one must simply support the mandate of the Association. 

To obtain a certificate attesting to UE Status, one must provide documented proof of descent from an Original Loyalist. Many individuals come to the Association with very complete genealogies, but others are just starting their family research. Each branch has a genealogist who will offer advice and assistance, but they do not undertake to do the whole task - that is the prospective member's task. In some cases, the documentation is fairly simple if relatives have already established their descent. In any event, the research provides an exceptional opportunity for a family to establish and celebrate its past.

Grand River Branch Membership Chair � 

Ellen Tree UE, Membership Chair

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