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Life Along the Grand


Scenes from Grand River Country and the surrounding areas:

The Grand River begins its 298 kilometer (185 mile) trip to Lake Erie in a nondescript ditch in a Dufferin County field near Dundalk, Ontario.  A few inches deep and a few feet wide, within several kilometers the Grand River transforms from a quiet trickle to a robust stream as it deepens and widens into a river of power, heritage and history.

With a watershed of 14,431 square kilometers (5,572 square miles), the Grand River tributary includes the Conestogo, Speed, Eramosa and Nith Rivers... making the Grand the largest watershed in Southern Ontario.  Flowing through the village of Grand Valley, the town of Fergus, the village of Elora, the cities of Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, the town of Paris, the city of Brantford, the towns of Caledonia and Cayuga, the Grand River passes through Dunnville before finally joining Lake Erie.

It's an amazing journey... one filled with history, heritage and the unique spirit of the First Nations.  The story of the Grand River is as pervasive as the river itself; through floods, scandals, prosperity and tranquility, the communities which have developed along the Grand have contributed Canadian luminaries from hockey players to inventors to Prime Ministers.

True enough, there are other rivers in Southern Ontario which command equal prominence as the Grand, yet few have as many admirers or defenders.  Grand River Country is diverse, vast, engaging and beautiful.

The Grand River Branch of the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada is proud to help celebrate and carry on the history and heritage of Grand River Country.

We invite enquiries about our Branch or our region and extend a very warm welcome to visitors!

Welcome to Grand River Country!


Grand River Branch recognizes the creativity and talent of each UELAC Branch's membership as well as the unique regional pride of the areas served by those Branches.

As such, we'd like to share the expertise and enthusiasm of our Branch and the communities here in Grand River Country.

Vast and diverse, the area served by Grand River Branch encompasses small villages to busy metropolitan localities, relatively untouched natural settings to highly developed regions and a wide array of Ontario's cultural and historically significant destinations.

Grand River Branch would like to acknowledge the collective efforts of all the Branches of the UELAC as well as offer a glimpse of the region of Ontario which we call home.


A 'Grand' Thanks to

Colonel Edward Jessup Branch  and

All UELAC Conference 2011 Attendees!

Grand River Branch sends its most sincere thanks and appreciation to all those involved with a successful and thoroughly enjoyable Conference 2011 in Brockville ON.

From the welcoming reception at the Brockville Rowing Club to the tours of Central Eastern Ontario and along the St. Lawrence River to the River Dinner Cruise, Gala Banquet and farewell luncheon, the spirit of UEL fellowship was enhanced by the hard work and dedicated planning of the members of the Colonel Edward Jessup Branch.

Thanks are in order for the Brockville area; your gracious warmth and hospitality were exemplary and deeply appreciated.

Also to be commended are the scores of guides, speakers, performers and support staff who contributed to inform, educate, entertain and assist conference attendees.  Your efforts were noted with enthusiasm and gratitude.

And to each conference attendee... from those who traveled from far away to those who live just around the corner... a very Grand Thanks for your passion and attendance!  Your efforts are truly inspirational.

Ideal weather, ideal attractions and ideal fellowship joined together to create a memorable and rewarding experience for all.  Surely the 2011 Conference 'Catch the Spirit' will be fondly recalled for many years to come.

And a very, very special personal thanks from Grand River Branch's Native Loyalist to the entire United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada... each and every one of you.  Your warmth, welcome and overwhelming support will always be remembered and deeply appreciated.

Nia:wen ko:wa!

Friends, allies and fellow defenders of the Crown for centuries, may we and our descendants stand side by side as United Empire Loyalists for many years to come.

Once again, from the tip of Tobermory to the tip of Long Point, Grand River Branch sends its resounding thanks to the Pacific Region for a job well done! 

We look forward to seeing all our Loyalist friends in Winnipeg Manitoba next year!