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Norfolk Genealogy

A remarkable font of information on Norfolk County and Long Point by John Cardiff.  Exceptionally organized, with meticulous detail.  Recommended!

 Genealogies, History, Anecdotes, Maps, Photos, Vital Records and essays.

Of possible particular interest, Mr. Cardiff has provided a map with links to towns in the Long Point area from the 1877 Illustrated Atlas of Norfolk County which identifies the individual tracts of  land along with the owners' names:   Township Maps


  In addition to a vast array of material on Long Point, the Norfolk County Public Library Search feature returns dozens of titles of interest to our region:    h

  Plus, the Library has an extensive catalogued list of titles that might assist you in your research:       LLong_Point/LIBRARY-Norfolk-County-HG.pdf.


  Looking to identify individual tracts of land for a particular family? 

From McGill University's excellent 'The Canadian County Atlas Digital Project' which digitized illustrated Ontario county atlases of the late 1800's.  Search by map location or by name.



OHS - Papers and Records Vol II : The United Empire Loyalist Settlement at Long Point, Lake Erie


by Tasker, Lawrence Hermon 

       Published 1900  -  Publisher Toronto, W. Briggs  -  156 Pages
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Grand River Branch maintains its Loyalist Library at the Eva Brook Donly Museum in Simcoe.  Along with a wide variety of titles, topics and resources related to UEL history and genealogical data in general, we also are pleased to have a wealth of information pertaining to the Long Point Settlement and the surrounding areas.

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Pioneer sketches of Long Point settlement, or, Norfolk's foundation builders and their family genealogies



by Owen, E. A. (Egbert Americus), 1844-1908

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Upper Canada  ~  London District circa 1800

London District - The London District was a historic district in Upper Canada. It was formed in 1798 from the counties of Middlesex, Norfolk, Oxford which were originally parts of the Home and Western Districts. The district town was Charlotteville, but moved to Vittoria in 1815 and finally London in 1826.

Also, in 1826, the townships of Rainham and Walpole were moved to Haldimand County in Niagara District because of their distance from London. In 1837, Oxford County was separated into a new Brock District and Norfolk County was separated to form Talbot District. In 1838, Huron District, was formed, containing Huron County which had been created in 1835. In 1849, the district was replaced by Middlesex County.  Link

London District - circa 1800





Many Grand River Branch members are descendants of the Loyalist settlers of the area to the north of Long Point, which is a rather imposing 32 kilometre (19.8 mile) sand spit extending into Lake Erie.  Along the shoreline of the mainland, communities grew aided by the rich farmlands which enjoyed a more temperate climate.  The proximity of a large body of water would warm the lands in the winter and provide a refreshing breeze during the heat of summer; Long Point Bay offered a relatively safe harbour as well as easy access to the resources of fish in Lake Erie.

More or less simultaneously, these settlements spread out and inland from around the areas of Port Rowan to Port Ryerse to Port Dover. 

Eventually, they would occupy the most southerly tier of concessions in Walsingham, probably all of Charlotteville and Woodhouse and well into the area east and west of the boundary between Windham and Townsend, basically the great part of both townships (probably more densely in Townsend) at least as far north as in and about Round Plains.

Despite the hardship and privation, the Long Point area must have held great potential to the original Loyalist settlers who escaped their homelands which held such little promise after the revolution.

Click on the map below for a list of the Loyalist families of the Long Point Settlement, with a brief background on each.

Long Point, Lake Erie

Long Point National Wildlife Area (PDF pamphlet - 490kb), Biosphere and World's largest freshwater sand-spit


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Map credit: John Cardiff