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Selected Reprints from the

Grand River Branch Newsletter, Branches

"Grand River Settlement - The Loyal Six Nations"

Doris Lemon, February 1990, Vol.2 No.1, Page 12


  The permanent exhibit of Grand River Settlement -- The Loyal Six Nations created by Grand River Branch, The United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada and the Woodland Cultural Centre, Brantford, was officially opened October 15, 1989 by Irene MacCrimmon, President of the Branch, before an appreciative audience which packed the hall at the Centre.  Among the local dignitaries who attended the opening were the Mayor of Brantford, the local Member of Provincial Parliament, the President of the Six Nations, Curators of the Eva Brook Donly Museum and the Tobacco Museum and members of the press.

Joseph Brant's Gorget

  Artist Bill Paulus, who created the miniature Mohawk Village and silversmith Jenny Maracle, who fashioned the replica of the gorget presented to Joseph Brant by King George III, were introduced by Curator Mr. Tom Hill.  Mr. Hill presented Irene MacCrimmon with a ceremonial gift basket containing a silver chain and pendant.  After the ceremonies the guests toured the Centre to view the exhibit and other displays.  The exhibit includes maps illustrating the Six Nations story during and shortly after the American Revolution, archaeological artifacts, the miniature reproduction of the Mohawk Village and the replica of Joseph Brant's gorget.

  A short time prior to the opening of the exhibit, Mr. Hill learned that an original portrait of Joseph Brant was about to be auctioned in England.  He advised Grand River Branch and it was agreed that an agent should be directed to purchase the painting, if possible, for a price not to exceed $1500.  Fortunately the portrait was obtained for just over $1300.  This unexpected but welcome purchase is a significant addition to the Loyal Six Nations display.

Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Longhouse

 The Committee of the Grand River Branch, Irene MacCrimmon, Reverend James Files, Angela Files and Doris Lemon conceived the original idea for the exhibit.  Angela Files researched the history and with her extensive background knowledge of the Six Nations communities, designed maps, family charts and histories.  The Committee worked in close liaison with Mr. Tom Hill, Curator of the Woodland Cultural Centre and his staff.  The story line and design were determined after many meetings and exchanges of views.

  The Committee expresses its thanks to the Ontario Historical Society and the Multicultural History Society of Ontario for designing the competition History of Ontario's Peoples and also to the Ministry of Culture and Communications, the Honourable Christine Hart, for funds which made Grand River Settlement -- The Loyal Six Nations such an outstanding success.  A special ' thank you' is expressed to our Branch members who made the opening, the tea and the reception a warm and welcoming occasion.