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Selected Reprints from the

Grand River Branch Newsletter, Branches

"The Simcoe Monument - Erected by the Niagara Parks Commission (1952)"

Doris Ann Lemon, June 1991, Vol.3 No.2, Page 9


  This handsome monument, erected in honour of John Grave Simcoe and Lady Elizabeth Simcoe, stands inside the boundary of the National Park at Fort George, Niagara-on-the-Lake, near Navy Hall.  Navy Hall will be open to the public from Victoria Day to Labour Day, 1992, with a special exhibition on its history and association with the Simcoes and the first Legislative Assembly held in Upper Canada in 1792.


John Graves Simcoe

First Governor

of Upper Canada

From 1791 - 1796



Here at Niagara on September 17, 1792

he presided over the first representative assembly

of this Province.


His genius saw the greatness of

this country and he threw himself

into its building with ardour and

enthusiasm.  By his exalted aims, his

conspicuous integrity, his tireless

industry and unflagging fortitude

he brought courage to the hearts

of the early settlers and led them

to carve a civilization out of a

wilderness.  In all of this he was

unfailing, helped by his wife

Elizabeth Posthuma Gwillim

who like her husband, has left the

impress of her spirit and of her

name on the letters and locations

of this Province: her diaries and

drawings gave an authentic record

of the life of the period and the

aspect of the land.


Erected by

Niagara Parks Commission