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"Historical Glimpses of Burford Township"

Angela E.M. Files, February 1993, Vol.5 No.1, Page 14



(Angela Files recently gave a presentation on the history of Burford Township.  Burford will be celebrating its bicentennial (1793 - 1993) July 16 - 19.  This brief outline is a synopsis of Angela's speech.)



Area of Burford Township, 1991

Burford Township covers 276.39 square kilometers, or about 125 square miles (1992).  It is the largest township in Brant County.

2. Population of Burford Township, 1991

In 1991, the population of Burford Township, was 5733 people, the second largest township, by population, in Brant County.  Source: Statistics Canada 95-337.

3. Burford Township Survey, 1793

Burford Township was surveyed in 1793, by Augustus Jones and was named after the town of Burford, Oxfordshire, England.  Source: F. Douglas Reville, History of Brant County, p. 324.

4. Burford Gore, 1798 - 1821

Townsend Gore was transferred to Burford as Burford Gore.  Source: Reville, History of Brant County.

5. Burford, 1798

Burford from 1798 became a part of the London District, which was subdivided from the Western District.  Burford and Oakland were integrated with the County of Oxford, in the London District, in 1801.  In 1839, the District of Brock was carved out of the London District and both Oakland and Burford were administered from Woodstock.

6. Burford Township Council

The Township's Council's first meeting was held January 21, 1850 at the inn of Henry Dorman Cathcart (later Vanderlip,s).  Members-elect were Ransford Rounds, Chas. S. Hedgers (Hedges).  Reeve: Ransford Rounds;  Deputy Reeve: C. S. Perley;  Clerk: George G. Ward.  Henry and Hedges served for twenty-one years.

7. Amalgamation with Brant County, 1852-53

Burford was incorporated into the County of Brant in 1852-53.  reeve C. S. Perley represented Burford Township.


Record your historucal information and/or your family history, in relation to Burford, and donate it to the Burford Public Library.

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