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"Casualties of The Battle of St. George"

Dr. Alan J. Clark, November 1997, Vol.9 No.2, Page 5



   Dr. Alan J. Clark, U.E., of Florida, has recently sent an article in progress concerning casualties of the Battle of Lake George.  he hopes to have it published as well as use it as a memorial to be placed at the site of the battle by the State of New York and The Sons of Colonial Wars.  He gave permission for the article to be placed in our Branch's library and for excerpts to be used in Branches.

  "On July 9, 1755, French and Indian forces savagely butchered British forces under General Braddock at Fort Duquesne near modern Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The fate of the Western frontier of British North America hung in the balance.

  "Victory at the battle of Lake George on September 8, 1755 shut the door on French invasion of the Western frontier of New England and upper New York during 1755."

  Dr. Clark has compiled a comprehensive listing of casualties of this battle, the only known listing in one place.  Some of our members may be descended from these soldiers and this article will be of value to our Branch.

The Williams Monument- scene of the first engagement of the Battle of Lake George. Photos by Jim Millard.