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Selected Reprints from the

Grand River Branch Newsletter, Branches

"The Youngs - United Empire Loyalist Historic Monument in Haldimand County"

Marnie Clarke U.E., November 15, 1998, Vol.10 No.2, Pages 7-8



   "Adam Young, having had all his land and possessions confiscated during the American Revolution, was granted land in what is now Ontario.  He and his sons, John Daniel and Henry, fought in Butler's Rangers.

  Following Adam and his family's imprisonment for their loyalty to the British Crown, and for assisting many Loyalists to escape to Canada, they left New York State to begin anew.  After his discharge from Butler's Rangers, Adam farmed at Niagara and then joined his sons and their families along the Grand River."

  Grand River Branch was proud to attend the unveiling ceremony, September 12, 1998, of this historic monument in honour not only of the Young Family, but all United Empire Loyalists who remained loyal to their beliefs and who began the development of Ontario.

  ALL MEMBERS PLEASE NOTE: Branch meeting June 20, 1999 will provide opportunity for all members to view this handsome Monument and hear speaker Marnie Clarke U.E., a Young descendant.  The Branch plans to dedicate an Old Union or "Loyalist" flag.  Come celebrate with us!

Pictured on right of monument (L-R): Marnie Clark UE Family Organizer, Toby Barrett UE MPP, and Ed Scott UE. U.E.L.A. Dominion President

Left of monument (R-L): Bernice Wood Flett U.E. (who stood in for Branch President William Terry who was unable to attend), Stewart Young UE, Doris Lemon UE, Gladie Young UE , Dan Young UE, Eleanor Chapin UE, unknown Young descendant, Doris Wilson UE, Grietje McBride UE, unknown Young descendant, Mary McBride UE, Bob McBride UE (also not pictured to the left of Bob McBride, Kate McBride UE and Margaret McBride UE)