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"Grand River Millennium Project : United Empire Loyalists In the Long Point Settlement, Old Norfolk, A Permanent Exhibit at Eva Brook Donly Museum"

uncredited, May 1999, Vol.11 No.1, Page 13


   This is a suggested title for our Millennium Project in partnership with The Norfolk Historical Society under the Federal Government's Project 2000 Grant.  Application, submitted for the May 31, 1999 deadline, applies for a grant of $3,000.00 to match the $3,000.00, offered by each of the partners, The Norfolk Historical Society and Grand River Branch.

  Our two artists, Robert Judd and Gary Walker, presented an exciting concept to portray the Loyalist story and settlement in Norfolk.  On the stairwell wall 3D figures, representing a Loyalist family, will stand in front of a scene of Long Point from the east.  Painted landscape strips will describe their journey by foot and wagon and in York style boats or rafts.  The wall on the left at the top of the stairs will detail by photo and artifact how their lives were changed after the Revolution and their settlement.  the displays, which will create a focus for discussion, especially for school tours, will end with a step-up crows nest where children can step up and peer through a telescope back towards the wall cut-outs in the stairwell.  The ceiling and lighting cove around the skylight will be painted navy, red, white and gold to represent the UEL colours to enhance and define the displays.

  As a matter of interest, Norfolk Historical Society plans extensive exterior improvements: the front door will be refurbished and a painted wooden screen door provided; the barberry hedge and low stonewall at the street will be removed; new iron fencing will be installed similar to the original; a handsome new sign and flag poles will be designed; the horse trough will be relocated to the garden at left of side entrance; and the side entrance will be made more noticeable and inviting.

  It is hoped the exhibit will be ready for viewing by United Empire Loyalists Day, June 19, 2000.

To view photos of opening ceremonies of the Millennium Project at the Eva Brook Donly Museum,  click here for Page 1  and  here for Page 2 .