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"Flint and Feather Book Review"

Doris Marcellus, November 1999, Vol.11 No.2, Page 7




ISBN: 0340147229

  The reissued copy of this book is recommended reading.  The collection of poetry by noted Native writer Pauline Johnson was first published in 1912.  The proceeds from the sale of this book will be directed to Chiefswood.  Pauline's childhood home which has been under a major interior and exterior restoration.  Closed for the winter, it is open by appointment and will be reopened to the public in May.

  Pauline was charming, tolerant and a brilliant conversationalist.  She possessed a sparkling wit and was a warm-hearted individual, who made many friends over a lifetime crowded with interests.

 While Native works dominated her repertoire, Pauline was effortlessly able to produce vocal melodies on a variety of other themes - such as nature, patriotism and love.

  In the will, dated nine days prior to her March 7, 1913 death in Vancouver, Pauline expressed the wish "I prefer to be remembered in the hearts of my people and my public."  Her Native name was Tekahionwake - Emily Pauline Johnson.

  Condensed from foreword to the reissued Flint and Feather, submitted by Doris Marcellus.

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