Ontario Loyalist License Plates



Ut incepit Fidelis sic permanet :

'Loyal she began, loyal she remains'

2014 marks the Centennial of the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada and for Ontarians, this historic milestone will not go unnoticed.

As Ontarians, we have a firm commitment and desire to celebrate and embrace our Loyalist roots.  We're proud of our province's contributions to our nation as well as our unflagging devotion to the history and heritage that defines Canada.

We carry our pride wherever we go and show our spirit to anyone we meet.

The UELAC has arranged a proposal with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation for a Provincial license plate which bears the badge of the UELAC.  If a sufficient interest is shown, you may order one of these very special plates for your vehicle or to give as a gift.

But the level of interest needs to be determined first.

The details and means of contact to express your interest may be found on the Dominion website by clicking here.

These plates are NOT exclusively for Ontario UE Loyalists, but are most certainly for any Ontarian with loyalty to our province's core values.

Time is of the essence and you're urged to seriously consider this unique opportunity to express your pride and make a statement as an Ontarian.

What a wonderful way to join us as we celebrate our 100th birthday!

Please, click here now to learn more about this very special initiative.