The year 2014 marks the centennial of the incorporation of the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada.

Canadian society has experienced tremendous change since 1914; throughout that history, the UELAC has steadfastly held onto its core values of preserving, defending and honouring the efforts of their Loyalist ancestors.  These remarkable people helped form a country built on the principles of peace and order at a time when violence and chaos threatened to engulf a continent.

The United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada has developed an initiative with the goal to raise funds for a special centennial commemoration.  Project 2014 is a Dominion-wide effort in which each Branch holds events and sells items with a portion of the profits earmarked for a general Project 2014 fund.

The exact nature of this commemoration has yet to be determined; possibilities may include a statue, memorial or other permanent reminder although other concepts are also under consideration.

Such an undertaking of this magnitude requires not only significant resources, but extensive planning and development.

Since its inception in 1914, the UELAC has touched the lives of generations of Canadians.   Many thousands more have learned about the Loyalists who fled from their rebellious and lawless homelands to seek a more orderly and fair society.

The Association has much to celebrate.  With national recognition, the UELAC remains a vibrant and vital organization which reaches to educate and remind Canadians of their collective history.  Such a status surely deserves a lasting tribute to the Association and its mandates.

By any measure, one hundred years is a longevity to which few heritage organizations can lay claim.  This success may be attributed to many aspects of the Association not the least of which is the universal pride of one's ancestral past.

As the UELAC begins its bicentenary, we should be mindful of not only past accomplishments but future challenges as well.  As we celebrate our ancestors, let us look forward to our descendants who must carry on with the spirit of conviction of the original Loyalists.

A lasting tribute which celebrates the past while serving as a reminder for the future would be a fitting gesture indeed.

To support or enquire about the Project 2014 effort, please contact Dominion office at:

The United Empire Loyalists� Association of Canada

Dominion Office - The George Brown House

50 Baldwin St., Suite 202

Toronto, Ontario       M5T 1L4

�     Telephone (416) 591-1783     �

Alternatively, some of the Branches may be able to provide details and/or merchandise with respect to Project 2014.

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